BPC works with everyday people

and helps them capitalise on this amazing growth industry.

We have a straightforward business model and a commission plan which is simple to understand and packed full of ways to earn an immediate income and longer-term wealth.

Earn an income from Apps and own shares in them too!


We identify and develop the next generation of Billion Pound Apps.
Our members market the apps across the globe using our unique personalised ViralCode™ tracking system, ensuring our members share in the wealth that they create.

We only select the apps that our algorithm identifies as having the best possible chance of global success. We test them and develop the key marketing strategies, then we let the ViralCode™ take over.

Creating the hottest apps

We are experts in our field and we have proven results, with our apps receiving over 20m downloads and achieving the number 1 spot in over 140 countries. You and your team can submit us App Ideas, get involved bringing us the best ideas, see your ideas bursting into life.

Distribution and Marketing of Apps

They are thousands of Apps competing for the attention of the User, most of these Apps have had years of work and thousands of pounds sunk into them but some fail and die because of the lack of marketing support, quite simply they don’t get seen.

That’s where we make a difference and add enormous value to App businesses.  We equip our members with all the tools needed, to successfully market the apps cross the globe using the power of social media, to create millions of users worldwide.

Investment for Apps

Apps are constantly evolving to meet user demands.  This requires substantial investment often App Owners look for ways to finance this.  Our members will help drive interested people to finance further development of the Apps through a crowdfunding approach.  Our members can own equity stakes in their favourite Apps and a share of the wealth, that this creates.

As a Billion Pound Crowd member, you will get paid on all three of these elements.

Creating the hottest apps

You and your team are paid for introducing amazing App Ideas

Distribution and Marketing of Apps

You and your team are paid on the marketing efforts and on the revenue an app produces

Investment for Apps

You and your team are paid on introducing Investors for the apps.

Our commission plan offers plenty of additional earning opportunities.

Including; Promotion Bonus, VIP Club Member Bonus and other exciting incentives

Becoming a member of Billion Pound Crowd gives you the freedom to build the empire that’s right for you. We will enable you with all the tools, support and training required to build your social marketing business. Your success; one step at a time; one person to the next.

We need you to be a success and whatever we can do to make that happen, will happen.

The only limits to your impact are your desire and commitment

In return we ask for passion to drive your business at a pace that’s right for you. Whether to help pay the bills, save for a holiday or create wealth to change your life, Billion Pound Crowd is your solution.

We are giving you the opportunity to create a valuable business you actually own and that you will be proud to promote now, next year and in the long term.