How does the membership subscription work?

There are three levels of membership, two paid levels, which offer you everything you need to kick start your business and a free level.

The packages are:

  • Starter, Intermediate and Advanced, you choose the best package that suits your needs.
  • Our membership fees are paid monthly and on a month by month contract, you can cancel at any time, without incurring any charges.

What are the different income streams and how will I be paid?

You will have your own trackable member account system with BPC, this is where we shall credit your various earned commissions. You will have the freedom to withdraw your earnings at any time that you require, we just ask that the minimum you withdraw at any time is £20.

BPC activities to earn are as follows: –

  • Commission for introducing other affiliates to BPC.
  • Commissions for crowdfunding revenue raised for the Apps.
  • Commission earned for in-app purchases, advertising revenue on the Apps, Share of all App subscriptions (if applicable).

For all of the above, you will also earn a residual income from the revenue generated by the affiliates you have introduced to BPC, for the life of the member.

If you decide to personally invest in any or all of the apps, you will own a share in each business and you will have the right to a share in profits (dividends) and ultimately a potential windfall as a shareholder, if an App business is sold in the future.

Can you get paid commission for App Download fees?

All the App download fees generated by the affiliate members of BPC are pooled. 75% of this revenue is divided equally to Intermediate and Advanced VIP Members. The remaining 25% is placed into a fund for exciting incentives, such as holidays, events and vouchers.

Will I be employed?

You shall be acting as an affiliate for BPC and this will be on a self-employed basis, or possibly via your own Limited Company. Any commissions that are paid to you by BPC shall be gross payments and you will be responsible for reporting any income to HMRC for taxation purposes, if applicable.

Can I do this in my spare time?

Absolutely you can. In fact, when it comes to marketing the Apps, many of the techniques we will employ will become as routine as checking your personal feeds and updating your status. Ultimately, we know that the more time and effort you can commit to Billion Pound Crowd will give you the best rewards.

However, we have affiliates who are doing great in addition to having their full-time jobs, others who are fitting us in around looking after their kids, and some who are making this their primary source of income. The beauty of everything being online is that you can be working on Billion Pound Crowd at any time of the day or night.

I don’t know much about Digital Marketing; will I still be a success at BPC?

If you are a social media user, then you will already know more than you think. We have extensive training and online tutorials that you will have access to. With any new App proposal, we will be consulting and circulating detailed action plans for the best techniques we want to use to get the biggest impact and best results for our Apps.

Everyone will benefit when our Apps are successful, so we’ll be fostering a culture of our members sharing tips and hints for getting our messages out there to the greatest numbers of potential App customers and users.

Will I be able to us both an Android and Apple device to run my business?

Yes, the apps will be available on both platforms, sometimes we launch on one platform initially but don’t worry we’ll soon launch it on the other.

I’m interested but I do not have the money to set up my own business now, can this work for me?

That’s fine, just become one of our “Starter” Affiliate Marketing Agents, you can still earn 20% of the revenue generated from your own activities and you’ll also earn a share of commission from the all affiliates that you refer directly to us. This is level is free for life, but you have a maximum withdrawal limit of £500, so when you start earning significant commission, you’ll want to consider upgrading your subscription with us.

The Intermediate level is a very popular starting package, at £20 per month. This is on a monthly contract basis, so if you decide for whatever reason, this is not for you, you can cancel at any time and not be penalised.

I’ve looked at MLM and Direct Selling Schemes, how does Billion Pound Crowd differ?

BPC is an Affiliate business not a MLM business and for starters you won’t have a house full of protein shakes or beauty products you don’t know what to do with! This is not multi-level selling or pyramid selling. We also do not have complicated levels of membership, or physical product that you have to try and sell.

Everyone is on the same side too, so all our affiliate members and investors stand to benefit from the efforts that everybody puts in to promote and market the Apps. These could be a lasting legacy and source of income for you.

There are thousands of Apps out there, how will ours stand out from the crowd?

Plenty of great Apps are never found by people and just fall by the wayside. Even some with significant marketing budgets can struggle to get their message heard. What we have to our advantage will be the power of our crowd. Apps cannot take off and be successful without people using them.

All of our Apps will have an immediate audience in our members, all of whom will have a vested interest in using and reviewing an App, and in spreading the word about the App as far and wide as possible. Imagine the impact a new App would have in the App charts and on social media if there were immediately 500, 1,000, or 5,000 downloads and reviews. These are really difficult statistics to achieve, and impossible without some people power.

If we want to invest in the Apps, how do we choose which Apps to invest in?

We have some great ideas and we are always looking out for more. We have a rigorous selection process which will focus on the key attributes that are required for any App to become a successful business. We will also have an army of digital marketing experts whom we can refer to for input and can take a vote on which App proposal our crowd wants to invest in and promote.

Can I invest in some Apps without being an active member?

Of course, investment via crowd funding is what we are all about. If you haven’t got the time or inclination to share our concept with your network of contacts, then you can just invest in the brilliant Apps and become a shareholder in any or all of them.

Can we really find the next Facebook or Snapchat?

Who knows! What is for certain is that we are going to be building some superb Apps and promoting some great ideas and innovations. The marketing power of our crowd will ensure that all our Apps get the best start in life and the opportunity to make headlines, get trending, and ultimately become viral in their own right. When this happens, the sky literally is the limit.

Both myself or any investors I introduce will become a shareholder in several App businesses, what will these shares be worth?

That’s the great unknown, but also the most exciting part. We want all of our Apps to be successful businesses, so you will earn an ongoing revenue, plus as a shareholder you will be entitled to dividends and any proceeds of a takeover/sale, as you would with any other business.

What we are really hoping for, is to be behind something remarkable, something that hasn’t even been thought of yet, that will take everyone by surprise – a new Whatsapp, Snapchat, or Facebook, and could mean everyone’s investment is multiplied by 100, or 1,000, or 10,000.

There’s something about Tax relief, it sounds complicated, how does it work?

There is the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, and the Enterprise Investment Scheme. These are known as SEIS and EIS and were introduced by the Government to encourage investment in small businesses. These are very good things if you are investing in Billion Pound Crowd or any of our Apps, because as long as you are a UK Taxpayer you will be able to reclaim part of your investment – either 50% if the investment falls under the SEIS scheme, or 30% if the investment is under the EIS scheme.

You can claim against last years tax you paid, or wait and claim against any tax you pay over the next 5 years. You can also save on CGT (Capital Gains Tax) if you have sold an asset and want to reinvest those funds with us, and any of our shares will be free from CGT if you hold them for at least three years.

And lastly, we hope it won’t be needed, but if any of our App businesses should go bust, then you would qualify for loss relief and should get even more money back. There’s plenty of online resources to research in more detail, but we’ll be helping you get the necessary certificates and will advise you what to do.

I have a great idea for an App, can we build it?

Of course, we have a development team that are always itching to work on the next exciting project. Send us your proposal and we’ll happily take a look and discuss the options with you.

My business needs an App, can you help us with funding?

Talk to us! If it’s a great idea and we feel it has legs, then there might well be a deal to be done. Even if you have tried and been unsuccessful with other crowd funding routes, our proposal is significantly different and might be perfect for you.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please message us using the link below and we’ll get right back to you with your answer.